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I’m teaching also in Aalto University (ex-Helsinki University of Technology). More accurately in Aalto University, School of Engineering’s Department of Surveying’s Geomatics Research  Group (shortly AUSoEDoSGRG ;-)). I don’t know how many people they are using for naming, but I’m sure they just do great job, aren’t they?

However, this week I’m co-lecturing in GIS ABC course. This course is short introduction for geospatial. It is planned for students who don’t have GIS background but need to join other GIS courses in Aalto. Later on I will also teaching GIS Application Development course: that’s more demanding course for 4th+ year students.

For both courses, I collect some GIS videos for students. Others: old fa.. people can also learn!

History of GIS

Dr. Roger ”Father of GIS” Tomlinson made first GIS systems in 1960’s. Here is his short video ”Data for Decision” in three parts.

Geospatial Revolution

Penn State University has Geospatial Revolution Project. Here is their video products from season 2010-2011:

You earn this

Finns hasn’t (yet) made killer application for geospatial. In the meantime, just play some levels of Angry Birds:



Especially for GIS App Dev students: Minority Report -movie has excellent GUI:

Similar GUI is doable with Microsoft XBox and Kinect:


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  1. Manuel Frias

    After watching Data for decision video first part I won’t complain again when an ArcGIS operation takes 10 minutes 🙂 Kiitos jakamisesta!

    • Ja jos törmäät muihin vastaaviin viedoihin, niin laita linkki tulemaan. Ainakin MMLn mainospätkä 90-luvulta olisi hyvä…


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